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Morning Inspirations

Everyday we wake up with a purpose and sometimes with a plan for that day. Even simple things around inspire us. I have had so many people who I see daily who inspire me with their actions. The famous quote “Small things make perfection” also reminds me that Small things also give inspiration.

An old man helping school kids cross the road daily just outside my house two times a day. For two to four hours, rain or shine, any weather +20C or -20C, he is there making sure the kids have a safe passage across the busy intersection. He always has a smile and greets every kid patiently!

A very old gentleman who is at the gym I visit everyday. Once he was at the rowing machine, I went and started my workout at an adjacent rowing machine. He challenged me with a contest on the rowing machine. I was like, Oh yes, lets start. After 6 or 7 mins, I was done and he kept going for almost 12 mins. After few days he celebrated his 100th birthday and now he reached his 102th birthday too!

A vision impaired girl in gym who is running at the treadmill every single day. She has a companion who guides her to the treadmill. He sets the pace and leaves the spot to do his workout. The girl keeps running at the same pace for over 45 mins. After which her friend comes back and stops the treadmill and they both leave. She trusts herself, the treadmill and her companion equally!

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